OBV Wall Units, Strong Types with an Impressive Profile

Ingeniously simply – simply ingenious: OBV wall units.

Presentation modules in a wide range of options:

  • Simply mounted “longline” along the full length of the mounting rail with its built-in cable duct
  • On the wall using a shorter version of the same mounting rail
  • On a support tube in front of the wall section of the standpipe display unit
  • Suspended from the crossbar of the standpipe freestanding unit


It couldn’t be simpler,
or more flexible,
or more functional,
or more visually appealing.

OBV wall units are available in a range of different heights and widths. The different systems are generally compatible with each other.

Like standpipe systems, wall units only form part of the interior design. That’s why there’s still plenty of scope for decorative touches. In addition to the many material and colour options, the wide range of available surrounds, panels and lettering offers unexpected possibilities. With OBV wall units, there are virtually no limits to an inventive planner’s creativity.


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Markus Ernst
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