Animato Media Centre

The networked world – the smart world – is the future of the entertainment electronics specialist retail trade and, under the heading "Smart Home", also that of building services engineering. Explaining this complex world and the possibilities it offers to the private consumer places great demands on merchandise presentation – and the vendor's know-how.

Taking the OBV Linea system as its starting point, OBV used the Animato media centre to develop a presentation and demonstration solution that satisfies all practical requirements to perfection.

  • Devices can be easily replaced, added or removed at any time because the rear wall of the media centre can be detached from the front with the aid of a small suction cup and then replaced
  • All wiring is concealed – making cable spaghetti behind the devices a thing of the past
  • Visual alterations are possible at any time by turning the rear panel or replacing it

The system is recommended by the SAA Smart Audio Alliance and by partnerships within the entertainment electronics retail industry.

And so the question arises: What do private consumers really want from their audio furniture? And the answer is: They want exactly the same. And so you, as a specialist dealer, pass on your presentation and demonstration solution to your customer. The Animato media centre is compatible with nearly all devices, regardless of manufacturer, and with commercially available audio furniture.


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