Quadro D

Every retail sector has its own special shop-fitting needs. For some, lightness and delicacy matter most, for others, it’s stability and strength. But some things are always required, namely: flexibility, modularity and modifiability. With Quadro D and Carré, OBV has created two systems that amply meet these requirements thanks to their basic construction concept, which takes its cue from set building.

With the Quadro D system, the focus is more on stability and strength, which means the system is predestined for retail outlets such as beverage markets. Despite being able to withstand heavy loads, Quadro D units convey a sense of lightness.

Quadro D is a modular shop-fitting system – an assembly kit that not only makes virtually endless solutions and variations possible with just a few modules, but also provides a basic framework to which individual additions can be made, especially decorative ones.

What’s special about Quadro D?

-                Its heavy-duty design and yet delicate appearance

-                The many design possibilities it offers thanks to its multiple positioning and shelving options

-                Its range of shelving choices and individual modifications make regular extensions and improvements a very simple option

-                Simple assembly/disassembly, storage and transport of individual units. All units are suitable for self-assembly

-                Lighting, technology (tablets etc.) and various decorative elements can be integrated as desired

Thanks to their flexibility and simple, yet robust construction, it takes only a small number of elements to put together a visually pleasing presentation space, usually coupled with highlight areas, or eye-catchers. What’s more, the system’s modularity makes partial reconfigurations or the successive remodelling of an entire shop possible.

Showrooms should appeal to customers. Showrooms need to be alive. They need to bring to the customer what the Internet cannot, and that includes the look and feel of products, as well as the opportunity to try them out and experience them. They convince customer of a product’s worth, and the customer decides to buy.


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