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OBV – The Outfitter for Your Pharmacy

The goal . . .

  • Modernity and an appealing atmosphere, in the sense of “it’s nice here, I feel good here”
  • Category management; sort out your product range and use shapes, colours and lighting to showcase your promotion shelves
  • Shapes and colours; trends are best communicated by decorations, not the decor. After all, the fixtures and fittings you choose for your pharmacy will be with you for many years to come
  • Ideal workflow; position the furnishings in your pharmacy to suit your workflow. Short distances save time and money
  • Attractiveness and emotionality; appeal to your customers on an emotional level
  • Less is more; reduce your presentation to essentials

 . . . and how to achieve it.

  • To start with, there are always many, many questions to be answered, including those regarding the specific needs of your pharmacy, as well as timing, technical feasibility and cost of the project
  • But don’t panic – we take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process!                                   
  • You have decisions to make – we explain the pros and cons of your different options
  • Co-ordinated planning; whether you’re remodelling an existing pharmacy or building a new one, you can rely on OBV’s professional support from first to last
  • Chronological schedule of works – with our to-do list, you always know exactly where we’re up to

Your contact at OBV

Jens Kemler
Project Manager
Key-Account Management Pharmacy

Tel.: +49 2564 / 9315-21

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