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OBV – Your Shop-Fitting Partner!

Shop-fitting partner – what does that mean?

We believe that communication is the key to success, as in every partnership.

Welcome to the healthcare sector!

For years now, OBV has been a trusted partner to the healthcare sector for the outfitting of premises, such as:

doctors' practices,
pharmacies, and
medical supply shops

Working closely with architects, consultants and, above all, our clients, we develop the very best concept for you – from the reception area to the consultation and staff rooms.

In the healthcare sector, confidence is paramount. People put their faith in their doctor, their pharmacist and in the specialist assistant at the medical supply shop. After all, what's at stake is their health.

As down-to-earth shop fitters from Germany's Münsterland region, we also strive to earn trust. Our healthcare team represents an ideal combination of experience and expertise in this field.

In us, you have a partner you can trust and who will be happy to advise you on all aspects of interior design, layout and the efficient use of space.

The interior design of your premises should reflect your concept.

As a multifaceted company operating throughout Europe, we have, of course, drawn on our experience and know-how in the development of our product families. That is why, where it makes sense to do so, we apply tried and trusted standards to our customised solutions, to ensure reliability and economic benefits for our clients.

Are you looking for a competent partner with a down-to-earth approach to interior design?

We have someone for you – OBV Objektbau Bomers GmbH.

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