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The OBV Philosophy

Since OBV was founded in 1984, it has been in the business of shop fitting and based in Vreden, Westphalia, Germany. In 2007, the company added healthcare to its portfolio.

OBV stands for stability, flexibility and continuity. We believe that cheap costs too much – too much for our customers and too much for us.


We are a classic medium-sized family company; a company our customers, suppliers and partners can rely on. Only together are we strong; we know that. But we also know that we must not lose sight of our goals. Castles in the air are not our thing. We stick to what’s tried and trusted and have no interest in making a quick euro.


Standstill is a step backwards. Move with the times or in time you are a thing of the past. Our work is project-based, meaning that we develop solutions specifically for our customers and that we plan our processes according to their needs. We don’t follow the crowd. Efficiency and a readiness to embrace change are the most important qualities we expect of our employees and partners.


This way today, that way tomorrow – that is not our way. We value dependable, long-term relationships. We know that errors cannot be avoided entirely and regard them as motivation to improve and change. We give our customers, suppliers and partners the opportunity to do so, but we also expect them to give us the same opportunity.

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