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OBV - The Outfitter for Your Games & Media Store

The presentation of media – and that includes the presentation of games – is a classic field for OBV. From the "invention" of the step insert to the platform-top OBV-Activ-Seller®, which is an established standard today, OBV has combined experience, ideas and possibilities to create ideal display options for its customers. We have connections with all the big names in the industry. Along with the leading display technology companies, we supply large sections of the games market. You, too, could work with the leading and most innovative manufacturer in this field.

Our latest invention is the OBV-Game-Station, a versatile game station compatible with all the usual systems.

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Thomas Benndorf

Thomas Benndorf

Fax.: +49 2564/9315-27
Handy.: +49 171/4030075

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